Imagine your giving being multiplied over time!


Sustainable giving is a new method of generosity implemented to help achieve three things.

  • Create a sustainable food / income source for the Congolese
  • Diminish dependency on western monetary support
  • Connect the Congolese and Western believers

Whether it's a sewing machine, a chicken, or a food mill, your gift will greatly encourage those who receive it.  We're humbled at the generosity of so many and desire to offer opportunities for others to bless the Congolese while being sensitive to realities that might otherwise undermine wonderful intentions.


Your donations to sustainable giving are working.  In August 2020 there were baby pigs born!



Thank you to a very generous supporter for the purchase of 4 rain barrels, a goat, 7 chickens and a sewing machine!

Your support for the people of Congo is greatly appreciated.