DRC Profile


  • Congo has a population of 81,680,000
  • It is the largest Sub-Saharan country in Africa
  • Congo is located in the center of Africa
  • Formerly known as the Belgian Congo during colonization
  • The capital city is Kinshasa, formerly known as Leopoldville (after the Belgian King Leopold)
  • It has the lowest annual household income in the world at $422
  • The Laban Mission Station is located in the Bandudu Province


In 1934 Dr. Laban Smith became a believer and four years later he and his wife Marcella were on a boat to Congo. His conversion was radical and proof that God's grace set loose in our hearts can truly change us from the inside out!

After serving 15 years he passed away on the field but had the privilege of leading and baptizing over 10,000 Congolese to Christ.

His labor is the foundation of what God is doing through LMI (Laban Ministries International) today. Our desire is to carry the Good News of Jesus deeper into the hearts and lives of the Congolese than ever before.

After 80 years, Laban's fire for Jesus still burns today through the ministries of LMI. We hope to honor the work that God began with Dr. Laban and Marcella so many years ago and look forward to what lies ahead for the people of Congo.

Dr. Laban SmithLaban & Marcella en route to Congo